Summer Lecture Series 2021

Theme: The Archaeology of Ireland’s Bogs

Monday, 16th August: The Archaeology of Raised Bogs by Dr.Ellen O’Carroll.

Tuesday, 17th August: Interpreting the Physical Features of the Faddan More Psalter by Dr.John Gillis.

Wednesday, 18th August: Leo Swan Memorial Lecture: 50 Years on from Leo Swan’s Research Flights over the Céide Fields in 1971 by Prof.Séamus Caulfield.

Thursday, 19th August: Commercial Development of Irish Bogs in 19th and 20th Centuries by Donal Clarke.

Friday, 20th August: The Contribution of Archaeobotany to Archaeology by Dr.Gina Hannon and Dr.Richard Bradshaw.

If you wish to attend all five talks, it is better value to become a member for the same price. This includes the Summer Series and 3 other talks in Oct, Nov & Dec.

Winter/Spring Lecture Programme 2021/22

Wednesday, 6th October: 1691: The Year that Sealed Ireland’s Fate by Joe Joyce.

Wednesday, 3rd November: The Shadow War: Michael Collins and the Politics of Violence by Dr. Joe Connell.

Wednesday, 1st December: A Book and a Bell: Glendalough on the Morning of 15th May 1106 by Mary Kelly.

Wednesday, 5th January: AGM followed by lecture to be confirmed.

Wednesday, 2nd February: Mapping Death: Burial in Late Iron Age and Early Medieval Ireland by Dr. Elizabeth O’Brien.

Wednesday, 2nd March: 1000 Years of Irish Coinage by Dr. Edith Andrees. (To be confirmed).

Wednesday, 6th April: Dublin Castle Excavations Publications Project by Dr. Conleth Manning.