Evening Lectures January to December 2019 at 8:00 pm in Rathmichael School, Stonebridge Road, Shankill, Co. Dublin - View Location

Wednesday 9th January: Rathmichael - Past, Present and Future
by Richard Dolan

Wednesday 6th February: William Dargan - an Honourable Life
by Fergus Mulligan

Wednesday 6th March: The Lost Village of Milltown
by Patrick Salmon

Wednesday 3rd April: A New Perspective on James Malton's Picturesque and Descriptive Views of the City of Dublin
by Conor Lucey


The annual Rathmichael Summer Lecture Series: Cities

Monday 19th August: The Treasures of Medieval Waterford and their Remarkable Stories
by Eamonn McEneaney

Tuesday 20th August: The Castle and Medieval Town and Later City of Kilkenny
by Ben Murtagh

Wednesday 21st August The Leo Swan Memorial Lecture: Murder and Mayhem in Medieval Cork
by Dagmar Ó Riain-Raedel

Thursday 22nd August: Limerick: City of Sieges and a Broken Treaty
by Liam Irwin

Friday 23rd August: Renaissance Galway:Conversations with a Map
by Paul Walsh


Wednesday 2nd October: Jellett, O'Brien, Purser and Stokes: Four Grandparents' Families over Seven Generations
by Michael Purser

Wednesday 6th November: Howth Harbour
by Rob Goodbody

Wednesday 4th December: The Great 'Flu Pandemic
by Ida Milne

Wednesday 8th January: The Doubedat Scandal
by Richard Dolan

Wednesday 5th February: The Life and Times of William Orpen
by Dominic Lee

Wednesday 4th March: Wolfe Tone, Matilda and Family
by Larry Breen

Wednesday 1st April: Mary Mulligan: Neighbour to Countess Markievicz
by Peadar Curran

Members of the public are welcome to attend all lectures. The entrance fee for non-members is €5. This includes tea/coffee and biscuits.