2013 Lecture Programme

Wed. 9th January: AGM followed by The Fitzgeralds of Ardilea House by John Lennon.

Wed, 6th February: Alexander Nimmo and the Western District by Kathleen Villiers-Tuthill

Wed, 6th March: John Roque’s map of Dublin – 1756 by John Montague.

Wed, 3rd April: Daniel O’Connell by Patrick Geoghegan.


Summer Lecture Series

Mon, 12th August: Contacts between Ireland and Britain in the Iron Age/Early Medieval Period, as Revealed by the Irish Burial Record by Dr. Betty O’Brien.

Tues, 13th August: The Late Iron Age and Roman Ireland Project: Preliminary Findings and Future Research by Dr. Jacqueline Wilson.

Wed, 14th August: Leo Swan Memorial Lecture: Corporeal Relics, Tents and Shrines in Early Medieval Ireland by Cormac Bourke.

Thurs, 15th August: Dalkey Island in the Early Medieval Period: Connections and Boundaries by Ian Doyle.

Fri, 16th August: Archaeology Ireland, 25 Years, 100 Issues by Nick Maxwell.


Wed, 2nd October: The Old Roads of Shankill and Rathmichael by Rob Goodbody.

Wed, 6th November: Dublin Castle Excavations by Con Manning.

Wed, 4th December: Axes from Islands: the Importance of Island Lithic Sources in the Neolithic Period by Gabriel Cooney.


2014 Lecture Programme

Wed, 8th January: AGM followed by Frank Aiken’s Mill by Rob Goodbody.

Wed, 5th February: The Irish Viking Graves Project – Old Finds and New Findings by Stephen Harrison.

Wed, 5th March: The Battle of Clontarf by Colm Lennon.

Wed, 2nd April: Ranelagh by Susan Roundtree.


Summer Lecture Series

Mon, 18th August: Controlling the Carlow Corridor during the Middle Ages by Dr. Linda Doran.

Tues, 19th August: Excavations at Trim Castle, Co.Meath by Alan Hayden.

Wed, 20th August: Leo Swan Memorial Lecture: Leo Swan’s Aerial Photograph Collection by Katherine Daly.

Thurs, 21st August: Rathmichael Historical Society’s Excavations at Dundrum Castle, Co.Dublin by Dr. Betty O’Brien.

Fri, 22nd August: Excavations at the Black Friary by Finola O’Carroll.


Wed, 1st October: The Great Stone Tombs of the Boyne Valley, Late Stone Age (c.3500BC) by George Eogan.

Wed, 5th November: Dublin 1756-1847 – Historic Town Atlas by Rob Goodbody. Followed by official launch of the Atlas.

Wed, 3rd December: Seventh Century Leinster and the Wider World by Dr. Colin Ireland.


2015 Lecture Programme

Wed, 7th January: AGM followed by Homestead – History of a House by John Lennon.

Wed, 4th February: From Village to Suburb: the Building of Clontarf since 1760 by Claire Gogarty.

Wed, 4th March: Bronze Age Metal Mining and Metallurgy in Ireland, 2400-500BC by Dr. Ralph Horne.

Wed, 1st April: Ranelagh in Pictures – a Place in History by Susan Roundtree.

Summer Lecture Series

Mon, 17th August: History: has it become a “funereal parade of yawn-inducing facts”? by Prof. Ciaran Brady.

Tues, 18th August: Archaeology: is it Useful? by Franc Myles.

Wed, 19th August: Leo Swan Memorial Lecture: History, Archaeology and the Past: what Donegal has taught me by Brian Lacey.

Thurs, 20th August: Experimental Archaeology: Science, Art or Disneyland? by Prof. Aidan O’Sullivan.

Fri, 21st August: History Ireland/Archaeology Ireland Hedge School: History versus Archaeology: is it like Neanderthal versus Homo Sapiens? Discussion with Tommy Graham, Franc Myles, Tom Condit, Seán Duffy and Robert Chapple.


Wed, 7th October: The Archaeology and Politics of Ecclesiastical Patronage in Viking Age Rathdown by Gill Boazman.

Wed, 4th November: The Fassaroe Crosses and Other Wayside Monuments by Rachel Moss.

Wed, 2nd December: Ancient and Holy Wells of Dublin by Gary Branigan.


2016 Lecture Programme

Wed, 6th January: AGM followed by Stained Glass Windows in Dundrum by John Lennon.

Wed, 3rd February: Rev.Thomas Goff of Carriglea by David Doyle.

Wed, 2nd March: The Broighter Hoard as Treasure Trove by Aideen Ireland.

Wed, 6th April: Kingship by Charles Doherty.


Summer Lecture Series

Mon, 15th August: Medieval Rathdown by Chris Corlett.

Tues, 16th August: Before de Ridelesford: Mapping the Proto Manor of Bre 1171-1173 by David McIlreavy.

Wed, 17th August: Leo Swan Memorial Lecture: National Museum of Ireland: Memories and Anecdotes by Pat Wallace.

Thurs, 18th August: Recent Archaeological Research at Glendalough by Graeme Warren.

Fri, 19th August: Some Exceptional Women in Early Medieval Ireland – Evidence from the Grave by Betty O’Brien.


Wed, 5th October: Gordon MacDonald Hills and his Watercolours of Round Towers by Con Manning.

Wed, 2nd November: Trawling under Sail in Dublin Bay in the 19th Century by Cormac Lowth.

Wed, 7th December: Stone Bridges of the Dublin Area by Rob Goodbody.


2017 Lecture Programme

Wed, 4th January: AGM followed by The History of Airfield by John Lennon.

Wed, 1st February: The Kennedys of Mount Kennedy by Therese Hicks.

Wed, 1st March: Harry Clarke by Nikki Gordon-Bowe.

Wed, 5th April: Dublin Bay by Rob Goodbody.


Summer Lecture Series

Mon, 14th August: Everything but the Apothecary – Recent Excavations at Kevin Street, Dublin by Alan Hayden.

Tues, 15th August: Tullagh and the Burial Grounds at Mount Offaly and Cherrywood: Social Organisation on the Cusp of Christianity by Gillian Boazman.

Wed, 16th August: Leo Swan Memorial Lecture: Rath Melsig: The Anglo-Saxons in Ireland by Prof. Dáibhí Ó Cróinín.

Thurs, 17th August: The Murder of a Tomb: Recent Discoveries at the Hellfire Club by Neil Jackman.

Fri, 18th August: St.Mary’s Abbey and its Medieval Grange Farms in Co.Dublin by Geraldine Stout.


Wed, 4th October: The Black Death in the Dublin Region by Finbar Dwyer.

Wed, 1st November: Early Medieval Masons in Rathdown by Jason Bolton.

Wed, 6th December: Richard Bridges Beechey – Marine Artist and his Connections with Dun Laoghaire by Cormac Lowth.


2018 Lecture Programme

Wed, 3rd January: AGM followed by The History of Main Street, Dundrum by John Lennon

Wed, 7th February: Dublin since 1922 by Tim Carey

Wed, 7th March: Georgian Dublin: the Forces that Shaped the City by Diarmuid Ó Gráda

Wed, 4th April: Ballycorus by Rob Goodbody


Summer Lecture Series

Mon, 13th August: Abbey of St.Thomas by Claire Walsh

Tues, 14th August: A Most Cruel Devastation: The Viking Impact Reassessed by Matthew Stout

Wed, 15th August: Leo Swan Memorial Lecture: Carrying the Holy Relics, Reliquaries and Insignia in the Early Irish Church by Raghnall O Floinn

Thurs, 16th August: The Chapter House of St. Mary's Abbey: Dublin's Oldest Building? by Ana Dolan

Fri, 17th August: Sacred Places, Sacred Spaces: The Churchyard and Church in Early Medieval Ireland by Colmán O Clabaigh


Wed, 3rd October: Torpedoed!The Sinking of the RMS Leinster by Philip Lecane

Wed, 7th November: Did Brian Boru save Ireland from a Viking Conquest? by Howard Clarke

Wed, 5th December: Carrickfergus to Carcassone: Hugh de Lacy and the Cathar Crusade by Paul Duffy


2019 Lecture Programme

Wednesday 9th January: AGM followed by Richard Dolan : Rathmichael: Past, Present and Future

Wednesday 6th February: Fergus Mulligan : William Dargan - an Honourable Life

Wednesday 6th March: Patrick Salmon : The Lost Village of Milltown

Wednesday 3rd April: Conor Lucey : A New Perspective on James Malton’s Picturesque and Descriptive Views of the City of Dublin


Summer Lecture Series : Cities

Monday 19th August: Eamonn McEneaney : The Treasures of Medieval Waterford and their Remarkable Stories

Tuesday 20th August: Ben Murtagh : The Castle and Medieval Town and Later City of Kilkenny

Wednesday 21st August: The Leo Swan Memorial Lecture - Dagmar Ó Riain-Raedel : Murder and Mayhem in Medieval Cork

Thursday 22nd August: Liam Irwin : Limerick: City of Sieges and a Broken Treaty

Friday 23rd August: Paul Walsh : Renaissance Galway: Conversations with a Map


Wednesday 2nd October: Michael Purser : Jellett, O'Brien, Purser and Stokes: Four Grandparents' Families over Seven Generations

Wednesday 6th November: Rob Goodbody:  Howth Harbour

Wednesday 4th December: Ida Milne : The Great Flu Pandemic