Rathmichael Historical Society

The Rathmichael Historical Society is open to everyone.

Our activities include historic tours, annual outings, workshops, lectures and discussions, social events and participation in the Federation of Local History Societies activities both in Ireland and abroad.

Winter/Spring Lecture Series 2022/2023

Please note that the talk scheduled for Wed 1st March by Finola Finlay on Stained Glass has been swapped with the 5th April talk by Thérèse Hicks on the Kennedys of Mount Kennedy.

Rathmichael Historical Society is delighted to announce that this year’s Winter/Spring Lecture Series 2022/2023 will start on Wednesday 5th October 2022. Read more.


The Society holds two series of lectures held in Spring and Winter and a major series of five lectures, with a unifying theme, held in Autumn.


The Society organises an annual weekend outing which is always interesting. It also organises a series of outings during the Summer months.


For many years the Society published the Rathmichael Historical Record. The full series (1974-2003) has been scanned and uploaded.